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About Us

Solutions4Learning offers a learning alternative for children who wish to excel despite their learning difficulties. Our centre offers full time and part time supportive mainstream education for children of various ages. In response to a personal calling then, and a growing need now, we endeavour to make a real difference in the lives of children who are unable to cope with the schedules and pressures of the education system.

We have positioned ourselves to provide objective and reliable assessments and use our findings to provide a full educational solution for each child enrolled. We place equal amounts of importance on both the psychological and academic development of our students and to this end; we provide a warm and nurturing environment that is highly conducive to the learning process.

Our Solutions

We all know that our children are meant to shine, each in their own individual way, but how can that be possible when classrooms are filled to capacity (and often beyond)? According to Dr. Johan Meyer and Gwen Mckechnie of the Kip McGrath Education Centre in Boksburg, teachers are fighting a losing battle in the classroom.

With up to 40 children in each class, it is unreasonable to expect each struggling child to receive the individual attention that they deserve and need. As a result, up to 40% of school children get lost in the crowd. The Kip McGrath system is designed to address this particular issue.

Being able to concentrate is a crucial part of learning. At Solutions4Learning, concentration plays an integral part in the learning process and academic performance. We offer a number of methods of developing better concentration in students of various ages.

The first step in the process is to establish the extent of the child’s concentration problem. How do we do this? We carry out a continuous performance test which is able to establish whether the concentration problem stems from potential auditory or visual abilities.

Children can find mainstream educational environments overwhelming. At School of Transformation, our main aim is to help children with learning difficulties and concentration disorders to learn and develop in an educational environment that is better suited to their special needs.

Each student learning at School of Transformation is encouraged to be a self – confident, inquiring, tolerant, positive, well – rounded character with the aim of growing toward becoming a responsible adult and a contributing member of society.

Spend your valuable time at School of Transformation Equity College and not only attain a recognised qualification but also acquire the skills and experience that will align you with your future career. Time is fleeting’ so it is important to make the correct choice from the start.

Our Equity College is the result of our on-going success in shaping School of Transformation into an entity that caters for all our learners’ needs. Our College, along with our School, prides itself in maintaining mutual respect, a culture of hard work, compassion and tolerance, creativity and innovation.

Solutions4Learning provides a number of solutions designed to help children with learning and concentration problems.

These solutions include the following:

  • Concentration testing
  • Extra lessons for grade R to grade 12 students
  • Neurofeedback to treat ADHD, epilepsy, anxiety and sleep disorders
  • Full time school (School of Transformation) for grade 1 to grade 12 students
  • Advice on nutrition and supplementation
  • Blood tests and analysis for optimum nutrition
  • Study skills development