Homework Without Tears


Homework is one of those necessary evils.  It reinforces the work done in class as well as alerting the teacher to concepts that are not fully understood.  Homework teaches children independence and self-discipline, but it can be a source [...]

Homework Without Tears2020-05-20T13:55:19+00:00

Improve Reading


How to improve your child’s reading skills. As a parent it can be hard to know just how well your child should be able to read, especially in the younger years. Professionals indicate that the average reading age of [...]

Improve Reading2020-05-20T13:46:53+00:00

Self Esteem


Let’s take a look at the importance of good self esteem… A child with a good self-esteem will generally feel accepted, connected, unique, powerful, and capable. Negative self-esteem can lead to insecurity, tension, anxiety, poor relationships, a lack of [...]

Self Esteem2020-05-20T13:13:51+00:00

Television and Your Child


“The average high school child has watched over 22 000 hours of over-sexualised and exploitive relationships, abusive language and huge amounts of violence. There are 25 violent acts per hour on cartoon shows and the average child witnesses [...]

Television and Your Child2020-05-20T13:03:29+00:00

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