School of Transformation - Equity College aspires to identify, name and manage the bondage of learning disabilities, in order for children to regain self-confidence; and flourish and prosper in the greater plan and purpose of Our Lord. We aspire to assist these students in becoming well-integrated members of our society, ready to make a positive and valuable contribution to the community, their own future and also the future of our country.


Our mission is to:

  • Rebuild self-esteem and lost confidence
  • Help each student reach his or her maximum potential
  • Help each student identify his or her own goals and targets
  • Preparing our students to excel in the workplace
  • Equip our students with the necessary skills and experience to make them employable

Developing learners academically and emotionally to become skilled and employable individuals who are ready to make a positive contribution to the economy and society.
Students have the opportunity to experience what the workplace will be like during their period of study. School of Transformation -Equity College offers individualised support for learners struggling academically and develops skills for many career options within the hospitality industry.