The following characteristics could indicate that your child is experiencing learning difficulties:

Academic Performance

  • Reading, spelling and mathematics are weak and below the expected level for the child’s age.
  • General schoolwork is of an unsatisfactory standard.
  • Your child works too slowly and cannot complete tasks set out in class, or works too quickly and carelessly, without concentrating.


  • Difficulty remembering and carrying out verbal instructions.
  • Difficulty remembering concepts and facts, which have been recently taught.
  • Concentration span is limited and your child is easily distracted by inconsequential activities and noises.
  • Often caught daydreaming or staring into space and needs to be refocused on the current activity.

Organisation Skills

  • Homework books and other items are often left at home or lost, or the correct books and items needed to complete homework are not brought home.
  • Homework space is messy and disorganised.


  • Fidgety and impulsive.  Cannot wait their turn and shouts out answers in class unexpectedly.
  • Talks excessively.

Emotional Control

  • Your child’s anxiety levels are high and he/she often complains of headaches when confronted with tasks that are considered to be “too difficult”.
  • High level of frustration and gives up too easily.  Shows erratic and inconsistent emotions.


  • Presents behavioural problems in the classroom such as being disruptive and attention seeking.

Some of these behaviours are typical of many children and are not in themselves cause for concern.  However, if a number of these behaviours are displayed on a regular basis over a period of time, it is important to seek professional advice.

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